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James Rigler has been photographing the moon for over twenty years. Gail Ward was an environmental photographer/writer before they began working together fifteen years ago. Rigler has a number of other photographic series including Shape of America, black and white study of American sculptures and the Natural State of Being, a study of nudes in the environment. Over ten years ago, in order to better understand creative people and himself, he began a series of video documentaries he calls Conversations with Interesting Characters.
One of their early collaborations resulted in the publishing of Rigler's spectacular full moon photography book San Francisco Moon. Together they created Moonchasers.com and have become famous for their moonchasing adventures around the globe. No other photographers in the world have focused so exclusively on the moon and mastered the timing and skill required to capture it on film.
Their Moon House Gallery where large original archival images are displayed is located just across the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County, California. You can even rent the Moon House when they are traveling. There are great views and torches on the deck, a fireplace, good music . . . etc.
Their next collaboration was Hawaii Sun Aloha Moon. They couldn't shoot the moon in Hawaii without including the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. They both shot and wrote the book published by Island Heritage in Honolulu and the book was entirely designed by Gail. The book honors the Hawaiian people from the time of the first tourists until the present time.
While they were in Hawaii Rigler began several video projects. The first was the story of the Pioneers of Kona Coffee with Norman Sakata. The second was a video tour of the Onizuku Space Museum. Both of these projects are in the final stages of editing.
The next several projects documented different aspects of hula including Uncle George Naopi, founder of the Merry Monarch Hula Festival and living Hawaiian National Treasure, hula master Etua Lopez and his halau, and Kamaile Tanaka the first non-Hawaiian to win the World Hula Competition. These documentaries take you into the real world of hula, the Hawaiian Culture and family life.
Yosemite Moon, a to be published book, blends historical research with stunning photography at one of the most beloved geographical wonders of the world, Yosemite National Park.
Wine Country Moon, is a project of such scope that it is yet to take form as a book. Rigler has moonrises and moonsets with almost every winery in the Napa-Sonoma grape growing region. While shooting in the Napa Valley he began documenting the lives of some of the major wine makers.
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