A tourist's guide to the most interesting places to photograph the full moon!




Sitting here in the Moon House on a damp and cloud-covered November morning with a fire hissing and popping and Chris Isaak--a good San Francisco guy--on the stereo. I hiked to the top of Ring Mountain to catch the sunrise and the best 360-degree view of the Bay Area: from Mt. Tam to the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, the Bay Bridge, Oakland, the Richmond Bridge, and San Quentin. A great way to celebrate the completion of my quest for the many moons of San Francisco.

It has been an interesting sojourn that began just after the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989. It must have moved me in ways I cannot consciously comprehend, but the aftershock has resulted in this book of full moons, a seven-year journey that has brought me full circle. I have explored the Bay Area with the pyramid as my anchor. No matter if it was day or night, I could always find that building in the skyline. It's good to know where you are on this planet and after shooting thousands of images of San Francisco in the moonlight, I feel that I am truly home.
Now that my perspective has matured, the journey complete, I thought it only appropriate to share a few of the moments that deeply affected me, images that are forever etched on my soul...



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