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Swimming Pools, Movie Stars . . .

Max Allan Collins and the gang back in my hometown in Iowa have done it. They have completed their first movie, the suspense film Mommy, and now have it in video stores across the country and in Europe. It is a quasi-sequel of the 1956 film The Bad Seed in which Patty McCormack received an Oscar nomination for her role as the little girl gone bad. Forty years later, she has become the nasty Mother with an interesting perspective of the world. She co-stars with Jason Miller (The Exorcist), Majel Barrett (Star Trek), Mickey Spillane (Mike Hammer), Brinke Stevens (Haunting Fear), Michael Cornelison (Stephen King's Nightshaft), and introducing Rachael Lemieux, a young actress from Iowa.

The movie received very good reviews from Hollywood's Entertainment Tonight and won several Iowa Film Commission awards. I was on the set for a couple of weeks during the shooting of the film and produced a behind-the-scenes documentary, The Making of The Movie "Mommy". This documentary is part of my on-going video tape series, Conversations With Interesting Characters, which details the lives of artists-people who are doing what they love to do and making a positive difference in the world.

I have acquired 30 sets of the Boxed Limited Edition which includes two VHS tapes - the movie itself (Mommy) and a bonus tape which includes my documentary and a shorter
documentary produced by WQPT PBS, a 20-minute "blooper" reel assembled by Collins, the movie's coming attractions trailer, and the Entertainment Tonight piece about the film's Iowa premiere in February 1995. The set also includes a color mini-poster signed by star Patty McCormack and a copy of the script signed by writer Al Collins. The set retails for $89.95, but I have called in a few favors and am able to offer these 30 sets for $59.95 to the Ramblings aficionados. If you are a collector of unique artists on the rise, this is something to add to your portfolio.

Al Collins is an internationally recognized novelist known for his Nate Heller detective series and for his movie novelizations: Maverick, In The Line Of Fire, I Love Trouble, and Waterworld. He has written over forty novels and several screenplays for television (NYPD Blue) and for the big screen. He also wrote the Dick Tracy comic strip from 1977-1993. Al will continue to be a voice in the world of books and screens for years to come.
Black Gold, Texas T. Load up the truck and move to Beverly - Hills, that is . . .


Tom Golden:The Christo Connection . . .

Last summer, Gail and I and our good friend Von, had the pleasure of spending a day with Tom Golden at his wonderfully restored home, the 125-year old Freestone House, an historic California hotel west of the wine country in Freestone, Sonoma County. Tom has accumulated the largest private collection in the U.S. of original artwork by Christo, the Bulgarian artist who with his wife, Jeanne-Claude, wrapped The Reichstag Building in Berlin in a beautiful silver metalic fabric for three weeks in June 95, transforming the historic structure into a work of art. And there, at Freestone House, hanging on the walls of the old hotel, was Tom's entire collection of original Christos, approximately 100 pieces in all.

Tom met the Christos in 1974 in the Sonoma County administration building where they were seeking approval to install their Running Fence project, a twenty-five foot high fabric fence that ran for over forty miles through Sonoma and Marin counties before ending in the Pacific. His support of the Running Fence began a lasting relationship between Tom and the artists. Tom has been the project cooridinator for The Umbrellas, Japan-USA (84-91) and The Surrounded Islands, Biscayne Bay, Greater Miami, Florida (80-83) and is currently working on the newest project in the United States, Over The River, Project for Western USA, to be completed in 1997.

Tom Golden is one of the good guys of the world, white hat included. He is a gracious host with an infectious laugh, a knowledgeable eye for art and a hell of a cook. He is one of those rare individuals who knows how to make things happen and have a good time doing it. He makes life fun for all who come into his world - a true art.

His exhibit, Twenty-one Golden Years With Christo and Jeanne-Claude: The Tom Golden Collection, is traveling the country for the next few years. If you have a chance to see it, don't miss it. If you want to experience Tom through my eyes, well, come on down, I've just completed a video documentary on him, Tom Golden: Living With Art, the newest addition to the video tape series, Conversations With Interesting Characters. It is now available for $19.95


Moonchaser in San Francisco

The latest photographic/literary project, the full moon series of San Francisco, is entering its final stages. I've had wonderful luck and success in capturing the moon from all over the Bay Area, from the early morning sunrise/moonsets to the late afternoon moonrise/sunsets, from the hills of the Marin Headlands, to The Embarcadero, to Treasure Island. It's been a wonderful two years of being in tune with the phases of the moon and the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies it. I've always been aware of its presence and photographed it when accidentally stumbling upon it, but to actually know when and where the moon will rise and set, to be in synch with the waxing and wanning, to have the gear all set up and waiting for the moon to break the horizon has been a very fulfulling experience.

Four days every month for the last twenty-four months I've been chasing the moon, becoming nocturnal in my pursuit. I have become a "moonchaser". My amigos say I have PMS, Photographing Moon Syndrome, that during those four days I am on my moon, the Native American expression for a woman on her menstraul cycle. I must admit I have become highly aware of a rhythm beating in my head and heart, a rhythm that has always been there, running through my veins, but I have been too caught up in living a life, in being a guy, that I have often missed the emotional subtleties that were affecting me deeply on a subconscious level.
These images are physical evidence that I am understanding a few of the mysteries of this thing called life, or at least becoming aware of their presence. A book of these images, Many Moons of San Francisco, is in the works. © 1996 Rigler Productions. All rights reserved.

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